Young Indian Environmentalist Manya Harsha wins Young Eco-Hero from Action For Nature

Young Indian Environmentalist Manya Harsha wins Young Eco-Hero from Action For Nature

Today we will share the amazing world of Manya Harsha, a fantastic thirteen-year-old from Bengaluru, India. She's not your ordinary kid – she's a superhero for our planet! Guess what? She just won the 2023 International Young Eco-Hero Award by Action For Nature. Let's learn all about her incredible journey.


Manya goes to Golden Bee with Vibgyor High School, and she's rocking the world of environmental conservation. She's one of the seventeen environmental superstars from all around the globe who got this special award from Action For Nature. Can you believe it? It's like a shiny medal for doing really, really great things to help our Earth. In the past twenty years, 339 young Eco-Heroes like Manya from different countries got awards from Action For Nature. They're all like superheroes for our planet!


She got this award for her super smart project called "SUNSHINE." With this project, she did something really cool – she made paper from kitchen scraps! Imagine that – turning waste into useful paper. Her friends are amazed by her love for nature and how she's helping the Earth.


In the words of Beryl Kay, President of Action for Nature, "This year's young climate champions, including Manya Harsha, are proving unequivocally that the next generation of leaders has emerged, ready to confront the climate crisis with global impact."


Manya started her project Sunshine during the lockdown in 2020. She made a special journal for kids like her. It's full of fun things to do that help our planet. She gave it to schools for free and even started a campaign called "Each One Plant One" to plant more trees.


Manya is not just a superhero for nature, she's also a writer, an activist, and a recycler! She's the editor of a special journal for kids called Sunshine Fortnightly. Her mission is to fight against climate change. She wants to tell everyone how important it is to take care of our planet. She makes books about nature and does workshops to teach kids how to make paper from cool things like old jeans.


When she got the award, Manya said, "It's like a big pat on the back that makes me want to keep helping the Earth." She's been caring for the planet since she was a little kid, planting trees and cleaning up places. She learned this from her grandma, who taught her to love and respect nature.


Manya Harsha has done amazing things like giving out thousands of little trees, making thousands of eco-friendly bags, and planting thousands of saplings. She's like a nature magician! She even has a YouTube channel where she talks about how kids can save the planet.


What makes Manya Harsha so special? Well, she loves our planet and does amazing things to protect it. This prestigious award is like a big thumbs-up for her eco-friendly efforts. She's like a nature superhero who cares about our world and does things to make it healthier and happier.


Apart from this, Manya Harsha is also a decorated young Indian author too! Her books are available in Kannada and English and talk about climate change, environment conservation, and recycling.


Let's give a big cheer for Manya Harsha – our very own eco-hero! She shows us that no matter how young we are, we can do big things for the planet. We can all be like her and make our world a better place for animals, plants, and all of us.