VMAS MARATHI is ready to thrive Big Budget Films with the crafted content in the upcoming season to touch your hearts

VMAS MARATHI is ready to thrive Big Budget Films with the crafted content in the upcoming season to touch your hearts

Entertainment Industry is the relaxing corner for an individual that drags the stressful life to the most soothing feel of joy. Nowadays, OTT platforms are very much part of the life of most of the generation despite age, and the brands are built to provide the audience with the best front-end content to enjoy.


The exotic range of growth is one's the hard core result that grounds the top-notch effects throughout the journey of a brand and ‘VMAS MARATHI’  is rapidly moving the graph towards excellence with the strategic approach to crafting content for the best.


 Today VMAS MARATHI has got proud to reveal that it's the only regional platform having all the exclusive projects. This is the result of all the effort of the Team and the constant support of their Production partners.


The Brand ‘VMAS MARATHI’ launched on 11 th of March 2021 in JW Marriot – PUNE, which is the Regional Historic capital of Maharashtra since the Maratha Empire. After a successful brand launch, the team took efforts followed by a focused approach to get through and overcome the challenges of the Covid outbreak and production issues.


This took about a year to launch the OTT application in September 2022. VMAS ASIA (INDIA) initiated this regional OTT as a first foot to step in the market. Even for Marathi Series & Shows, this is the best applicable budget for the great entertainment section.


VMAS MARATHI is now all set to bring the next level of entertainment to its subscribers. In the same context, VMAS MARATHI is coming up with 6 Series in process and 2 exclusive feature films with 3 in-house shows are also ready to move on the floor by this month.


This tremendous growth shows that TEAM VMAS MARATHI, The Franchise Partners & The Production Partners joined hands to get the exciting booster dose of exclusive entertainment to their subscribers.


The Head - Creative & Acquisition, VMAS ASIA (INDIA) Ms. Sunita RV shared all information that can be the booster thrill for every eyeball looking for something different from the crowd on screen. She further shared about the plans of VMAS MARATHI “With this we are also excited for our upcoming ventures to be declared soon shortly. “

So, with such a planned execution of series, in-house projects, and films, VMAS MARATHI is surely going to mark its presence again in the entertainment industry via its fans.


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