Romil  Patel: Born to excel in the entertainment industry with his exotic skills

Romil  Patel: Born to excel in the entertainment industry with his exotic skills

The high throw impressive personality, Romil Patel from Karmal village near Vadodra has passion and dedication for modeling career since childhood despite his belonging to a farmer family. His perceptions towards life are diversified despite having an agricultural family. Education was obtained from Little flower school Vadodara. Further education was Pursued with diploma in computer science just after class 10th and then switched to from at RKDF university from Bhopal.

As all of us, Romil Patel had many dreams for his future such as cricketer, actor, or model. Yet, low academic performance in school became one of the barrier to joining the cricket academy. 

As a result, he started exploring more option where he came across an idea of become an actor and a model which lead him toward brainstorming for his transformation. 

The sizzling field of acting & modeling triggered him to grab the opportunities in 2010 and give auditions in the same context. His quick and effective initiatives to get successful encouraged him get more lessons for tips for his career-building aspects. Workshops also played a vital influence on his personality and made him a multitasking skill holder. By the time he was busy shaping his career aura, his academic credentials were also segregated equally .

By grooming himself with the fashion skills of modeling with auditions apart, he started modeling in 2014 with a restructured aura. As it is said, you always pass failure on your way success, he also faced rejections earlier in his career. Yet, he snatched the opportunities to bang the stage via his reflection. Along with dedications, he took all opportunities to layer himself with the workshop for modeling skills especially ramp walking. The action pointers shoot up and started getting more fashion show offers which opened additional doors towards getting more assignments to add to his career. 

Instead of looking back, he learned from his failure and grabbed every possible opportunity which led him to selections in auditions and more participations in fashion competitions . In the first few shows, he was a little behind to fetch the title but he continued practicing his skills and gave dedication efforts consistently.  This dragged an array of titles embracing him with his continuous participation in these shows whether it is at the city or state level.  

His winning parameters cover the special sub-title of the best personality in 2014. He became the 1st and 2nd runner-up tags too in the journey. Then he won many of the shows with the best tag of MR.Varodra in 2015 and Mr. Gujarat in 2016. The professional show offers took hold for various designers followed by runway and photoshoots. He has also completed B. Tech meanwhile then he decided to shift to Mumbai to learn more skills in acting and modeling. Despite having complete support from his family to join the acting institute, he had the self-respect authentication that made him find the total expense of the institute by his earnings only.

He got the assortment for the purpose via his professional work and then paid the fee for the acting course at Kishore Namit Kapoor acting school, Mumbai. As a junior artist, He worked as a spot boy, and dressman assistant to gain more experience before pursuing the course. 

The negative push to downfall the fresher's career base via few choreographers, and fashion professionals in their surroundings made him start his own fashion choreography field inauguration. He gets it done to save many dreams to excel for his city freshers in the same field by providing the correct guidance to them. He did approx. 40 shows in fashion choreography to date as a fashion choreographer.

He is the re-known name title holder in his city by winning so many shows. He went to diversified places in Gujarat as per the assignment available. He is featured in Featured in The Niche fashion magazine and Interviewed in Fashion & Life Style magazine and has interviewed in fashion & lifestyle magazines, worked for designers, video albums in Gujarati and Hindi, Gujarati serials, and Gujarati movies. He had to take a break for one and a half years due to his shoulder injury. He worked with many celebrities and also took the position of jury member for fashion shows.

In 2021 he started his own registered production house named Sandstone Films and has a web series in post-production where he is in the lead role. He is also leading a short film for a film festival in the next two months.

He feels proud to have the identity of an actor and model by name in his plans. He loves acting in and role aspect. He is planning to shift to Mumbai for his dream confirmation. He is a real man and growing his hair to donate to cancer patients to an NGO along with charity. Nevertheless, he is an entrepreneur assisted by his mother with commodities like pickles, eatables, etc., and via this business, he provides work to many needy women. He received the award for his achievements via an event company in Vadodara. 

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