NovelVox, The Popular CX Player, is Now CMMI Level 3 Accredited

NovelVox, The Popular CX Player, is Now CMMI Level 3 Accredited

Novelvox, the market leader in advanced solutions for contact centers, announced its accreditation with Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 status, in recognition of its outstanding services and development practices.


This milestone highlights the organization’s unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in services and upholding elevated standards, for continuous improvement that solidifies its position as a trusted partner in the customer experience industry.

At CMMI Level 3, all business operations are thoroughly understood and documented in adherence to organizational standards in the software development industry. CMMI is a globally accepted framework that aims to analyze the software development processes of an organization to ensure a systematic approach to delivering flawless products.

"At NovelVox, our mission has always been to provide cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The contact center industry is in a constant state of evolution. Embracing this new CMMI level serves as a reminder of our role in refining services to ensure the best possible customer experience," said Amit Gandhi, CEO, at NovelVox.

The accreditation asserts that Novelvox surpasses customer expectations by delivering exceptional solutions that address the pain of its customers. CMMI Level 3 is an acknowledgment of NovelVox's flair to manage and mitigate risks, streamline development processes, and optimize overall project performance.

Key Benefits of NovelVox's CMMI Level 3 Accreditation:

  • Enhanced Product Quality: Novelvox is committed to offering superior quality products that resonate with industry requirements.
  • Efficient Project Management: Novelvox complies with standardized processes resulting in efficient project delivery & management without degrading the quality.
  • Risk Mitigation: Novelvox, as a leader, is proactive in risk identification & mitigation for safeguarding against potential risks.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Accreditation of CMMI level 3 assures Novelvox’s unshakable dedication to delivering solutions aligning with business requirements as per industry standards.

Accomplishing the CMMI Level 3 benchmark is another feather in the cap of Novelvox. It highlights the organization’s excellence, innovation, and consistency in offering cutting-edge solutions that elevate customer experience.

About NovelVox: NovelVox is a leader in the global software development market. The company is known for offering cutting-edge solutions in the contact center industry. It has a vast product line that includes Agent Accelerator, Smart CTI Connectors, Contact Center Wallboards, Omnichannel Digital Engagement Platform, and Case Management System.

These ensure a seamless customer experience by automating operations and optimizing communication processes. For more information about NovelVox and its CMMI Level 3 accreditation, please visit