Naveen won the 3rd State Ranking Bowling Tournament

Naveen won the 3rd State Ranking Bowling Tournament

The 3rd West Bengal State Ranking Tenpin Bowling Tournament came to a staggering end with string of good games from all the bowlers played in the top 8. Navneet Lahoti outclassed other bowlers with the highest block of the tournament and kept the first spot. Naveen Sharma played some good games to attain the 2nd spot. Beni Gopal Lahoti held his nerve till the last game to gain the 3rd spot. Whereas, Abhijit Das stole the limelight in the last game of the block scoring a staggering 241 which helped him gain the 4th and final spot to play in the last 4.

Semi-Finals 1:
Navneet Lahoti played 4th placed Abhijit Das in a thrilling last ball game to win his place in yet another final. Navneet wins 374-367.

Semi-Finals 2:
Naveen Sharma blazed away in first game of the Semi Finals against Beni Goapl Lahoti and played sensibly in the 2nd book his place in Finals against Navneet Lahoti.

Navneet Lahoti and Naveen Sharma played a thrilling 2 games average in finals. Naveen took a slender lead of 10 pins in the first game and held his nerve against an experienced Navneet in the 2 game of the finals to win the tournament, with cumulative pinfall of 385-360.

Special Prize: Navneet Lahoti won all the special prizes which included, highest block of 6 games, highest block of 18 games and most number of 200s in the tournament.

Navneet Lahoti - 3389(188.28)
Naveen Sharma - 3285(182.5)
Beni Gopal Lahoti - 3222(179.00)
Abhijit Das - 3185(176.94)