Meet Author Sumana - a simple loving girl with a passion of writing

Meet Author Sumana - a simple loving girl with a passion of writing
"One day the people that don't even believe in You will tell everyone how they met you ".
An accomplished teacher and author who believes in simplicity and hard work. She says without the support of her teachers family and few friends she could not have come so far.
A simple loving girl whose passion of writing gave her the identity of author with the publication of her two books:
1. Life Through My Eyes
2. The Moment of Joy 
Here she would like to share her thankfulness to her publishers BFC publication and JEC publications  too for their cooperation.
She also worked as co author under the banners of many good names like Dreamer's shelf, spot write, Flairs&glairs, Wordgenix, Inkquills, The WriteOrder and so many.
Her books made their place too.
Life Through My Eyes was featured among seven amazing books in the column of
The Moment of Joy was featured in the column of as three must read books that leave a lasting impact.
Moreover the strong lady is featured in so many prestigious column .The one she cherises the most when she was covered by web story India as
"Sumana Acherjee Mukherjee is a perfect example of simple girl rising to become popular author of India".(
Sumana still believes she has long way to go. So her mantra of her life " Dream big work hard stay humble"
Last but not the least she thanks her readers. Without them she is just incomplete. Her favourite lines by her favourite poet Robert Frost - 
Miles to go before I sleep 
Miles to go before I sleep