Introducing Ms. Poorvi Lodha: Visionary Behind Version 2.0

Introducing Ms. Poorvi Lodha: Visionary Behind Version 2.0

Ms. Poorvi Lodha is a name that is quickly becoming synonymous with innovation and excellence in the fashion industry. With her unique approach to color and fashion styling, she has made a significant impact on the industry and is poised to make even greater strides in the future. In this article, we will take a closer look at Ms. Lodha's work, the impact she has had on the industry, and her plans for the future.


A Journey from Passion to Purpose


Poorvi Lodha is a certified 4x4 color master, Image Consultant, and Personal Stylist. Her remarkable journey in the realm of fashion and styling has been marked by dedication, expertise, and a commitment to empowering individuals through self-expression. Having an advanced diploma in personal coloring and a Fashion Design Graduate degree from Pearl Academy of Fashion, Poorvi's journey truly took off when she delved into personal styling at the renowned London College of Fashion.


From Inspiration to Transformation


Inspiration often has a profound influence on an individual's journey, and for Poorvi, her source of inspiration was none other than her mother. Rooted in the belief that "When you look good, you feel good," Poorvi empowers individuals to be the best version of themselves. Her passion for fashion and image is deeply rooted in the desire to witness others radiate confidence and beauty in their own skin.


The Birth of Version 2.0: A Revolution in Personal Style


Version 2.0 emerged from a desire to fill a gap in the fashion industry. Poorvi's experience in designing garments for YUFTA made her realize the need for personalized styling solutions. The challenge, however, lay in experimenting with styles and colors, especially when dealing with bulk production. This led Poorvi to pursue a course in personal styling, which eventually became the catalyst for the birth of Version 2.0.


A Vision Beyond Boundaries


Poorvi's aspirations for Version 2.0 are as bold and dynamic as her approach to personal styling. The brand's mission is to build a formidable empire in the world of styling and fashion, becoming a household name synonymous with elegance and individuality. Through collaborations with industry leaders, participation in prestigious styling events, and a commitment to raising awareness about the significance of color analysis, Version 2.0 aims to shape the future of personal styling.


Empowerment Through Personal Style


Version 2.0 by Poorvi Lodha is committed to transform lives through personal style. No two individuals are alike, and Poorvi understands this better than anyone. With her expertise in color analysis, body analysis, and personal styling, she provides tailored solutions that enhance each person's natural beauty. Whether it's the Icon package for a complete color and style transformation or the Wardrobe Audit to reinvent your closet, Version 2.0 offers a range of services designed to empower individuals from all walks of life.


Your Journey to Confidence Begins


Poorvi’s journey, marked by expertise, inspiration, and an unyielding belief in the power of personal style, has led to the creation of Version 2.0. For inquiries, collaborations, and style consultations, reach out to Poorvi Lodha at