Introducing Dr. Rupika Singh - Pioneering Aesthetics with Akiya Aesthetics

Introducing Dr. Rupika Singh - Pioneering Aesthetics with Akiya Aesthetics

In the realm of skincare, one name stands out for her expertise and commitment to holistic treatments - Dr. Rupika Singh, the visionary founder of Akiya Aesthetics. With qualifications that speak volumes and a passion for dermatology that runs deep, Dr. Rupika is at the forefront of revolutionising skincare through science-backed procedures.



Dr. Rupika Singh's journey began with a solid foundation in medicine. She obtained her MBBS from Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College and went on to earn her MD in Dermatology from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. Driven by her childhood dream and belonging to a family of esteemed doctors, dermatology became her true calling.



Never one to rest on her laurels, Dr. Rupika sought to expand her knowledge and horizons. She pursued fellowships in dermatologic laser surgery from Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, and became a fellow of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. This diverse expertise empowers her to adopt the latest developments and trends in the field, ensuring that Akiya Aesthetics remains at the cutting edge of skincare.



Under Dr. Rupika's guidance, Akiya Aesthetics has emerged as a premium skincare clinic with a profound commitment to science. Each treatment offered by the clinic is backed by rigorous research, yielding proven results over the years. The clinic's approach follows a 360-degree skincare system, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive and personalised care for their specific needs.



Dr. Rupika and her team at Akiya Aesthetics take pride in their holistic approach, treating clients not merely as patients but as individuals with unique requirements. By educating clients about their skincare needs and options, the clinic empowers them to make informed decisions about their well-being.



Akiya Aesthetics has established two branches - one in Ghaziabad and the other in Defence Colony. The expansion reflects Dr. Rupika's commitment to making quality skincare accessible to more people, no matter where they reside.



Dr. Rupika Singh's journey from a dreamy-eyed child with a passion for dermatology to the founder of Akiya Aesthetics showcases her relentless pursuit of excellence. With qualifications that span continents and a rich lineage of doctors behind her, she is poised to carry forth the best medical traditions and pioneer new frontiers in the world of aesthetics.