I feel very humbled and grateful that God has given me so much through astrology says celebrity astrologer Samarpit Kanwatia.

I feel very humbled and grateful that God has given me so much through astrology says celebrity astrologer Samarpit Kanwatia.

Samarpit Kanwatia, Mumbai based acclaimed celebrity astrologer with an experience of more than 20 plus years has numerous clients, pan world. His dealing with multiple clients, which include successful personalities from different professions, has made him well researched to deliver his clients whatever they expect of him. Humble yet confident and a man who speaks with extreme clarity when it comes to his subject and otherwise too, he is a man of various interesting facets.

Very recently he was awarded “Times Leading Icons 2022: Leading Astrologer” by the Times Group, which is an extreme proud moment for him, his team and his company who have always tried to live up to very high standards of professionalism.

“We at SARV MANGAL HO have always tried our best to serve our clients to best of our capability and see a smile on their faces as they align with us on extreme good faith and trust. For me in specific it is very essential that they stand happy and content. I cannot change their destiny but I definitely can make them smile by either complementing them for their good charts or by explaining them rightfully and respectfully what can be done if one has a weak chart” says Samarpit ji.

He again continues “I feel extremely grateful for being a recipient of such a prestigious award. Again, another confirmation that hard work and one’s karma never fails as that is the only key to success. As I bow my head with gratitude to the almighty, I say this in utmost humility that I consider myself pure lucky to be bestowed with so much adulation, acclaim and love from people. I take this opportunity to thank my family, well-wishers and my clients for all their blessings on SARV MANGAL HO, my astrology firm and being with me in this journey which expands now to two decades and more.”


As he talks further he gives us an insight to his value system Personally, I have always mixed Astrology, Numerology and Vaastu to get the best results for my numerous clients pan world. Howsoever I always emphasise that Astrology is no miracle and do not expect any kind of miracle happening in your life. It is a study of planets and needs deep understanding of planetary movements on daily basis. I believe, Astrologers through medium of stones and mantras can minimise your bad and help you maximise your gains BUT an astrologer can never change your destiny. I always exercise this fact that astrologers are not GOD. Always take astrological advice as guide path only and do your necessary "Karma", which has no substitute. A good astrologer will not only explain but will educate you on all your queries that you might have with regard to your birth chart. It is most important to be convinced before going ahead with remedies of any kind and paying for it. Never get scared in name of this science. It is a beautiful and a wonderful science to help you and make your life more progressive”

Samarpit also provides one free "Answer a Question" Anybody can ask one free question from me. Howsoever it is restricted through my website only as I do not answer this free query on phone or in person. They can log on to my website and ask their one free question. Like I always say I will definitely respond but my most humble request it that one has to be very patient as it takes upto 15 days for me to respond back due to heavy backlogs and continuous traffic." concludes Samarpit.


To ask one free question from Samarpit ji log onto:www.sarvmangalho.com                      

For consultations with Samarpit Sir call Sandhya on: +91 8104149913