Ethnic Wear in E-Commerce

Ethnic Wear in E-Commerce

The only way to be "street smart" in fashion right now is to dive headfirst into the realm of internet buying. In e-commerce stores, women's clothing has consistently sold like hotcakes. Popular media outlet Bloomberg claims that despite rising costs in the US clothing sector, total sales results for the year don't appear to have been impacted. A greater capacity to supply various designs through India - spanning a wide spectrum of fabric options and size charts - has opened up newer opportunities for the national fashion sector, whether it be for mass-produced apparel lines or made with perseverance designer items. Aakruti is another up-and-coming participant in the e-commerce sector, disseminating authentic Indian ethnic apparel across the nation.

Aakuti, founded by the inspirational businessman Gurram Venkateshwarlu, is one of the few companies that, via both custom and mass-produced designs, meets the growing demand for ethnic clothing. Since they have decades of experience, the craftsmen now contribute to Aakruti's delicately created designer clothes, which are suited to the customers' requirements.


Indian traditional clothing, which is a crucial component of every Indian event and celebration, is being satisfied by Aakruti for the Indian diaspora. Aakruti  specialises on a variety of ethnic clothing, such as kurtis, lehengas, and loungewear, which are greatly coveted by Indians all over the world. In a sense, it is through clothing that India's aesthetic legacy and variety are preserved across the world, and companies Aakruti are doing their part to serve this cultural demand.


Gurram Venkateshwarlu always wished to make an impact in the industry of traditional fabrics. When began receiving requests, he realised there is a significant market for custom-made clothes and Aakruti was established with a clear mission of providing never out of trend fashion keeping in mind the ‘Small budget-big shopping’ moto. The majority of the designs offered by numerous ethnic wear e-portals contain well-known Bollywood-inspired motifs. Wearing a copycat item isn't a big deal, but the fabric and the ornamental details utilised on the apparel are sometimes of really poor quality, according to Gurram Venkateshwarlu. On the other hand, Aakruti offers premium goods at fair costs. Even with our mass-produced clothing, the quality of our materials is the same. This comprehension highlights the guiding principle of the Made to Measure portion of the webpage.


Contrary to the past, when ethnicwear was limited to being an outfit of choice, it has evolved into a fashion need for both the affluent socialite and the university going women. India's vivid colours and readily available artworks are its fashion legacies. Some prominent traditional techniques used at Aakruti to create current fashion lines include handwork and handprint techniques, Rajasthani prints, Kashmiri work, Kutch work, and mirror work. These fashion combinations provide a wide variety of gowns that depict the history of a certain location as extremely affordable prices. This explains why traditional ethnic clothing  from Aakruti continues to grow across the country and is popular despite the rise of casual clothing, especially at festivals and other special events. Aakruti aims to have over 100 centres across the nation by the next couple of years.


One of India's most notable success stories has been the economic empowerment of women, and as a result, as more women join the workforce, their purchasing power has increased significantly.

It is significant due to the size of the transformation: millions of formerly dependent women are now in charge of their own financial concerns. They have far greater control over how and where to spend their own money in addition to contributing to the household. To serve to this exact requirement, Aakruti offers affordable fashion with a wide range of options for designs and sizes. As a result, customers are increasingly buying ready-to-wear (RTW) salwar-kameez more frequently and for reasonable amounts of money and Aakruti is growing at a faster than ever rate.


Experts believe that it is challenging to establish a brand in the women's ethnicwear market. Due to its very nature, the women's ethnicwear market experiences extremely rapid fashion change. Most consumers in this sector act impulsively and rely their choices more on aesthetics than on brands. Despite these challenges, Aakruti stands strong in this extremely competitive platform of e-commerce due to  their Simple yet incredible and unique designs combined with their pocket-friendly prices.