Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan & Dr. Mohammed Akheel’s Ventures which made them India’s Best Young Entrepreneurs.

Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan & Dr. Mohammed Akheel’s Ventures which made them India’s Best Young Entrepreneurs.

Mr Mohammed Muneeb was always inclined towards entrepreneurship from a very young age. However, his parents constantly desired to land him a respectable job so that he does not have to struggle. Mr Akheel, on the other hand, was born to a typical middle-class family. His father was an advocate by profession and philanthropist by heart. After Mr Akheel’s father expired, He realized the courage to live by himself and started supporting his family by doing petty jobs like newspaper hawker and working as a salesman in a cloth shop and finally graduated as an Engineer

Dr. Mohammed Akheel and Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan started their entrepreneurial journey in 2012 with the Partnership Firm Bright Groups which supplied uniforms and bags at a reasonable cost to which Dr. Akheel’s college was their first customer and slowly the word spread and started getting many orders due to which beforegetting graduated Dr. Akheel was able to clear both the gold loan and education loan.

Dr. Akheel and Dr. Muneeb in 2017 they opened a bottled pure drinking water company called Amber. As they were very compassionate people who always did good deeds they started selling their water to rural areas in about 14 villages around Shimoga at just 1Rs. Per Litre so that rural people have access to fresh water later they distributed free water to Masjids, Temples and Government Schools. The turning point of their life was in 2018 when they started a tech start-up 1help Technology and software solutions Private Limited. It was a Web and Software Development company. This reached out to so many MNCs and took on many projects over this. They also reached out to government sector as they were experts in software they also took Patent rights for 3 Major Projects and applied in several sectors. Their smart strategic planning stood out among the competition which made them expand over 4 Countries by 2019.

Their first venture, “Bright Groups”, was coined as a partnership firm in 2012 as a school bag and school uniform supplier to the students. Gradually the business started growing as they collaborated with many schools and colleges without single investment in hand, and from there, they began getting orders in bulk. In 2016, they expanded their wings into soft drink brand named “Thanda Natural Soda”. In 2017 “Amber” packaged drinking water was launched. ‘’Amber’’ was launched with the mission to make clean water available even in the rural areas so that there does not remain any scarcity. The task became successful as they took over the market within two months and provided water to 14 villages, 2625 homes at just 1 rupee per litre. It had also supported two schools, 29 temples, 2 Mosques and 33 Anganwadis with free water supply in the rural area. The turning point in their entrepreneurial journey came in 2018 when they had incepted their software and web development company “1 Help Technology and Software Solutions Pvt Ltd” with a mission to provide solutions for web

development services, cyber security and quick code development software at affordable prices in less time to every business of every sector especially on government Projects. 1 Help group specialises in Artificial Intelligence, 5G and enhanced connectivity, Edge computing, Internet of behaviours, Block chain, Human Augmentation, Distributed Cloud, Augmented reality and virtual reality. They had developed a massive clientele within a year of its inception that included government projects. Witnessing the growth of the venture, Mr Mohammed Muneeb and Mr Akheel had launched their sister company “1 Help Technocrats and Innovations Pvt Ltd” by which they have secured 3 patent rights and 49 patents have been pending for approval in health, education, traffic, transport, media, marketing, agriculture etc.

Dr. Mohammed Akheel and Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan were awarded Doctorate in Strategic Management, Marketing, Sales and social service by the World Human Rights Protection Commission, approved by the Government of the United States of America.

Dr. Mohammed Akheel and Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan were also conferred with Bharat Gaurav Ratna Shri Samman Parishad approved by Government of India.

Dr. Mohammed Akheel and Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan’s approximate net worth has been estimated more

than 22 Million Dollars.

Dr. Mohammed Akheel and Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan had also been awarded with

● “India Icon Award 2019” for their services in the IT Sector in Karnataka

● “India Excellence Award” in 2019 for the fastest growing software service provider in south India

● “International Goal awards 2020” Kathmandu Nepal.

● “Young Entrepreneur of the year 2021