Devarapu Chiruhas : Young and Dynamic Software Solutions CEO

Devarapu Chiruhas : Young and Dynamic Software Solutions CEO

Software technologies have changed the course of the digital age, and Mr. Devarapu Chiru is leading the charge. With innovation running through his veins, Mr. Chiru has revolutionized software development and empowered companies with the best and the most innovative software solutions. Mr. Chiru, who is the mastermind behind and the CEO of Revco Infotech, has spent his academic and professional career devising ways to reform the software sphere and implementing those solutions to transform the space.

Flexibility is one of the utmost necessities in today’s technology-powered era. Mr. Devarapu understands the value of adaptability and flexibility in technological advancement. He founded and launched Revco Infotech to deliver the same. His organization is a hub for unique and the latest software solutions, allowing full-stack professionals and software development experts to reach new heights and achieve their goals.

Mr. Chiru’s contribution to the software development landscape is boundless. He established his company to give organizations and clients customized technologies, enabling them to create productive strategies for all technological and management projects and incorporate solutions that take their products to the next level—both crucial elements to stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive industry.

In addition to sporting and promoting a customer-centric mindset, Mr. Devarapu directs his company in every aspect. As a pioneer of software management, his role in the organization is active. It entails overseeing client relationships, creating solutions, and leading and managing a large team of professionals and experts.

Under Mr. Chiru's guidance, Revco Infotech made a name for itself as a renowned and reliable software solutions company, having successfully executed over 200 projects. His immense contribution to the software technology sphere through Revco Infotech put the company on Google's radar, winning an award for the best software leading company for two consecutive years, 2021-2022 and 2022-2023. Revco Infotech also received an award for the best software company for 2022-2023 from Cognizant.

To launch, lead, and manage an esteemed, award-winning company at a young age is an incredible feat in a league of its own. Now that Mr. Chiru's organization is recognized as a top software leading company, his next goal is to aim for recognition for his CEO and leadership abilities.

Mr. Devarapu’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. His passion for information technology and software development was evident in his exemplary performance and record-breaking achievements throughout his academic and professional career. He completed his grade ten
education at Sri Krisha Veni School with certificates, stellar report cards, and knowledge under his belt.

However, as remarkable and outstanding as Mr. Chiru’s accolades and achievements are, he also promotes striking a work-life balance. When he’s not empowering the software landscape, Mr. Chiru spends his time playing cricket and conquering the e-gaming world with PUBG.