Blink Online Modelling Agency Celebrates 12 Years of Empowering Aspiring Models Across India

Blink Online Modelling Agency Celebrates 12 Years of Empowering Aspiring Models Across India

Pioneering Success in the Glamorous World of Modelling

In a dazzling display of perseverance and dedication, Blink Online Modelling Agency marks its 12th year as a leading force in the Indian modelling industry. Since its inception in 2011, the agency has been at the forefront of shaping the careers of over 760 fresher models, providing them with unparalleled opportunities and a launchpad into the world of fashion and glamour.
In a dazzling showcase of talent and dreams realized, Pradnya Shinde, the visionary founder of Blink Online Modelling Agency, expressed her joy at witnessing the beaming smiles of new faces eager to step into the glamour industry during the Grand Modelling Show. The event, a culmination of the agency's dedication to nurturing aspiring talent, was a grand celebration of fresh faces making their mark on the runway.
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• Diverse pool of models
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• Professional and experienced talent
• Tailored casting to fit your brand image
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• Model casting for advertising campaigns
• Product branding with a personal touch
• Professional and reliable talent for your projects

Things to Know Before Joining as Model ?
1. Research and Choose a Reputable Modelling School or Program:
• Start by researching modelling schools or programs in your area or online. Look for reputable institutions with experienced instructors and positive reviews.
2. Application and Enrolment:
• Once you've identified a suitable modelling program, you'll typically need to apply and enrol. This may involve submitting an application, attending an interview, and paying any required fees.
3. Introduction to the Modelling Industry:
• Modelling training often begins with an introduction to the modelling industry. This may include an overview of different types of modelling (fashion, commercial, runway, etc.), industry standards, and the roles of models, agents, and photographers.
4. Grooming and Personal Presentation:
• Training may include guidance on personal grooming, skincare, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Models are taught how to present themselves professionally and how to create a positive and marketable image.
5. Posture and Movement:
• Models need to have good posture and graceful movement. Training sessions may include exercises and coaching to help models develop proper posture, walk confidently, and pose effectively for different types of shoots or runway shows.
6. Photographic Posing and Facial Expressions:
• Models learn how to pose for photographs and convey a range of emotions through facial expressions. This involves understanding angles, lighting, and how to work with photographers to capture the desired look.
7. Runway Training:
• For those interested in runway modelling, training may include walking techniques, turns, and overall runway etiquette. This is crucial for fashion shows and other live events.
8. Portfolio Development:
• Many modelling training programs help models create a professional portfolio. This includes selecting the best photos, organizing them effectively, and presenting a diverse range of looks.
9. Nutrition and Fitness:
• Some modelling training programs incorporate guidance on nutrition and fitness. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is often emphasized to help models look and feel their best.
10. Networking and Industry Insights:
• Models are often taught how to network within the industry, build professional relationships, and navigate the business side of modelling, including contracts and negotiations.
11. Showcases and Graduation:
• Some modelling programs may culminate in showcases or events where participants can demonstrate their skills to industry professionals. Graduation from the program often involves receiving a certificate or recognition of completion.

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