Basketball Girls Won the championship under Coach Govinda Sharma

Basketball Girls Won the championship under Coach Govinda Sharma

Girls from Kaga Basketball Academy have achieved gold in the basketball tournament that was organized by ‘Nirmala Convent School’. The hardcore player girls have proven themselves with the trained gesture of success on spot with the gold under the shed of Kaga Basketball Academy.

Sports is the best option to make your body and mind healthy and for players, it's the lifeline support to their dreams for the best performance. The expert coach Govinda Sharma made them pass through the polished skills that he earned via his experience. As a coach, he has the responsibility to get the desired talent through the players via different styles of practice and the result is tuned into the gold.

Coaches are the catalyst behind the successive step of players that not only prepare them for sports tournaments or events but also keep them boosted with a hike up the willpower to conquer the field. Coach Govinda Sharma from Kaga Basketball Academy is also bearing the zeal to make his team of players the best with his expertise in sports techniques that results in the confident performance of players on the ground despite obstacles in the pathway to attain success.

This event was held in ‘Nirmala Convent School’ on 9 and 10 December 2022. The special tournament moved ahead full of the excitement of the audience and played under international referees. The coach of the team was Mr. Govinda Sharma along with the manager Ms. Chhamta Thapa. The event became a push for positive thinking toward sports for the audience.

The whole event was supported by the KAGA basketball academy. The worthy and efficient academy has a hostel facility for both boys and girls to make them settle with the organized schedule required for players. The secure and enthusiastic sporty environment encourages each player to perform the best even in practice. The well-organized surrounding and fit time-table of Kaga Basketball Academy

Brought this day in Indian history again to make India proud with the players. The top players who participated in the reputed tournament are Babi Brahma, who won the best player award along with Tanushree Gurung, who also won the best scorer award.

Apart from them, there are other gems of the team as Prashamsha Basnet, Khushi Bhutra, Vinayaka Lama, Dhamchos legzesma, Evangelina Gurung, Manshaa Nakarmi, and Sristi Agarwal. These girls under Govinda Sharma won the championship with their dedicated and focused approach.

Kaga Basketball Academy is situated in Siliguri, this academy is run by professional coaches. These coaches are the generation builders of players for India that can produce highly skilled players, who can participate and make their presence marked on the field via their excellent performances.

With such an academy and coaches, basketball tournaments are going to catch on the hearts of many with excellent players of the academy, who aim to get gold for India wherever they go.