Abhishek Arya's Debut Single "MAHIYA VE" Takes the Music World by Storm

Abhishek Arya's Debut Single "MAHIYA VE" Takes the Music World by Storm

Mumbai, 19th September - Abhishek Arya, a rising star hailing from a humble village in Bihar, is making headlines with the release of his debut single, "MAHIYA VE." This talented singer, with dreams of becoming a Bollywood playback sensation, has captured hearts worldwide with his soulful melodies and captivating voice.


Abhishek Arya's musical journey began when he unveiled "MAHIYA VE" on Frame Pahad Productions' YouTube channel. The song, with Vinu George at the helm as music director, made its grand media launch on September 19th, drawing attention from music enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. The enchanting composition and Abhishek's heartfelt vocals have catapulted the song into trending lists across various platforms.


At the tender age of 22 , Abhishek Arya is already a name on everyone's lips in the music industry. His unique talent and unwavering passion for music have earned him recognition from seasoned professionals, further fueling anticipation for his promising career.


Abhishek's recent musical journey took him to the heart of Varanasi, where he delivered a spellbinding performance at the renowned Hindustan International Hotel. The event left the audience spellbound and cemented Abhishek's reputation as a rising musical sensation.


As excitement continues to build around Abhishek Arya's musical journey, fans can look forward to his upcoming release, "TU HE MERA." This highly anticipated single promises to showcase Abhishek's evolving artistry and emotional depth as a singer.


In addition to his growing list of accomplishments, Abhishek Arya has plans to unveil "BOMBSHELL IN MUMBAI," an exciting project that is sure to keep fans and the industry alike eagerly awaiting its release.


Abhishek Arya's story is one of determination, passion, and exceptional talent, serving as an inspiration to aspiring artists worldwide. With "MAHIYA VE" making waves and exciting projects on the horizon, Abhishek Arya is on the path to becoming a prominent voice in the world of music.


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Abhishek Arya is a gifted singer hailing from Bihar, India, whose music resonates with the soul. His debut single, "MAHIYA VE," is garnering acclaim and setting the stage for a promising career in the music industry. Abhishek's dream is to become a renowned playback singer in Bollywood, and his talent, combined with his unwavering determination, is propelling him towards that illustrious goal. Keep up with Abhishek Arya's journey on