10 things about you don’t known about director James Cameron 10 interesting things about director James Cameron

10 things about you don’t known about director James Cameron 10 interesting things about director James Cameron

No one wants to work with him! Infact, almost everyone who has worked with him once swears not to work with him again. But the brilliance of this man is so great that somehow they end up working with him again and again. That is director James Cameron for you.

His latest movie Avatar (2009) has earned an estimated $2.9 billion worldwide and is known as the highest-grossing movie ever made! The other well-known James Cameron creations are the Terminator franchise, Aliens, The Abyss, Titanic, True Lies and ofcourse Avatar whose 2nd edition Avatar-The way of Water has just been released.

Here are 10 interesting things that you don’t know about this genius director:

James Cameron’s first job in Hollywood was as a model maker. He was a part of the team that designed models of spaceships for the movie ‘Battle Beyond the Stars’ (1980). But soon started working on special effects for John Carpenter’s Escape from New York (1981), as a production designer for Galaxy of Terror (1981) and as a part of the design team for Android (1982).

His first real breakthrough came in the Movie Piranha II – The Spawning (1982). The original movie director Miller Drake had a huge argument with the producer who fired Miller and replaced him with Cameron. Though Cameron detested the movie, he still completed it. But the movie was an average performer.   

While they were shooting for Piranha II in Rome, one day, James was down with a fever. After a long night editing the movie, when Cameron returned to his room, in a delusionary state he saw a dream where a metallic robot crawled out of an explosion and dragged his body across the floor. He remembered the dream and soon began writing the script for a movie which became the Terminator franchise.

After explaining the script to many movie studios, none were willing to invest. They felt that the budget was too high and the director had no prior experience in delivering a blockbuster. Finally, Cameron sold the script to Gale Anne Hurd of Pacific Western Productions for $1 on the condition that he would be allowed to direct it. Terminator (1984) was a super-duper hit and earned over $78 million catapulting Cameron into the top rung.

Soon after Terminator, Cameron started working on his next Aliens which was released in 1986. This movie too proved to be a blockbuster and confirmed that Cameron had a Midas touch.

His next movie was The Abyss (1989) which was based on a dream he had in his biology class in high school. It was about intelligent life under the sea. The movie grossed over $90 million worldwide.

In 1991, Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger were reunited for an action comedy True Lies. It not only performed brilliantly at the box office but also won a couple of prestigious awards too!

Starting in 1995, Cameron started working on his next mega-venture Titanic. He made multiple dives in the Atlantic Ocean to film the actual wreckage of the unfortunate ship and even used those clips in the final film. He even wrote the screenplay of Titanic during this time. When released in 1997, Titanic’s production cost had touched $100 million, but it became the first movie ever to cross the $1 billion mark!

Cameron had dreamt about blue-coloured creatures when he was a young boy. Almost after a 12-year hiatus, Cameron returned with Avatar (2009). Avatar was not just the costliest movie ever made ($400 million) but also earned over $2.9 billion making it the highest-grossing movie ever produced.

Cameron is known to be a perfectionist. After Titanic, Kate Winslet decided never to work with James Cameron again. Even Music Director James Horner who provided the music for Aliens decided not to work with Cameron again, but ended up providing the background score for Titanic.

James Cameron is considered to be a director who believes that he can change filmmaking with his creations. And just like Steve Jobs had once said that the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do, James Cameron is definitely that crazy one!  


We all know James Cameron as one of the most successful directors in Hollywood. Here are 10 unknown things about James Cameron and his most famous creations.